Who are You?

In a world full of voices telling you who to be, this post aims to answer the age-old question, Who are you? Maybe the storms are here to reveal who we truly are.

Who are you, who are you, what you gonna do?- Daveed Diggs- from the musical Hamilton.

That question came as Hamilton was figuring out his next moves but with that question, I ask you.

If I’m honest, our identity is found in a myriad of places- video games, our various addictions, work, relationships, family, accomplishments and achievements, sports, our possessions, etc.

And that is completely human nature. We naturally find ourselves in people, places, and things, but the danger is when those very things that are meant to benefit us, are elevated to a god-like status. Reigning on the throne of our hearts.

So again, I ask you, who are you?

Strip away work, relationships, cars, possessions- who are you?

Who are you?

A lot of us find ourselves also waiting. Waiting for that thing to maybe complete us, or fulfill us. And I’m not gonna lie, I find myself in that position sometimes. Like, maybe I’ll wait for the next workout machine thing to get in shape. Or, maybe if I wait long enough, a situation I’m in might be different.

Furthermore, we wait with our hands in our pockets waiting for the storm we are in to clear. We complain and whine for the storm to go away and we just end up getting soaked, or worse, there is damage all around us.

Now, waiting is good. Sometimes, seasons of waiting can do our character some much needed refinement.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. We are the change we are seeking.

One thing I’m finding out as I journey through life is that, in the waiting, in the storm, who are we becoming? There’s a couple of lessons we can learn, if only we have the patience, the guile, and the resilience, and humility to take the storms as lessons. Who are you becoming?

Maybe, the storm won’t improve, but your perspective might. Maybe, the storm isn’t really a storm but a reflection of the storm brewing in us, and before the world outside us changes, we have to learn how to calm the storms inside of us.

who are we becoming?

Author: HopefulWriter

A nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody

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