Oh, what a year pt. III

Another addition to the mini-series and this is one is all about the blessing of interruptions.

This past year was being able to modify what it meant to go on vacation.

And with the lockdown in full swing, economy shut down, how exactly does one go on a vacation?

Well, we- my girlfriend and I planned a road trip! It will be our first road trip as a couple and it was so, so needed as we were experiencing cabin fever and a withdrawal of being out. I know you know the feeling!

We decided to travel to Utah, and Arizona eventually circling back to L.A., making our way home in S.F.

This trip would be our first time off-roading and dispersed camping. I was always used to camping in sites like KOA and other man-made camping sites. I don’t know how the Youtube algorithm works… but during quarantine I started seeing people on youtube off-roading, dispersed camping and showing their tips and tricks to make it worthwhile and enjoyable.

So, we did our research and purchased the tools and equipment necessary to make our experience a good one.

My girlfriend and I try to travel every year, and we are both very fortunate we are dating each other (haha?) because we are both flexible, able to adapt easily, and up for any adventure!

You know, words won’t really cut it, so here is a photo dump of our time on the road. I hope you enjoy these photos and may it serve as a reminder to remain adaptable, and flexible. We make plans, but sometimes life has other things planned that interrupt us. When we see life as an adventure any and all bumps in the road are opportunities to shout for joy!

Here we are in Utah! Ka’i is not amused.
The Grand Canyon State. Arizona is beautiful
This was right on the cusp of the border between Utah and Arizona. This beautiful piece of land is called Lone Rock Beach Campground. One of the many locations we camped at and this was the morning as the sun was rising. So beautiful, the scene was right outside of our tent.

Another location we stayed. Here is a intimate moment between Katia and Ka’i. We would spend 3-4 hours in the car and both of us knew Ka’i needed to stretch her legs and also eat. This was the summer her diet completely changed to human food!
When I am the driver I tend to make spontaneous stops when I see something interesting. I am so glad I look left and right when driving otherwise we would’ve missed this epic shot of a able-bodied moose! Look at those horns!

We decided to really budget for our meals so we went with veggies for Katia, and I had to have meat. It was super cost friendly making skewers instead of whole meals. Very efficient, very tasty, very cool.
Another example of the spontaneous stops we’d make to let Ka’i run around and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Precious moments. We would often find her spread out in the backseat. It was always a precious moment to find her resting.

We were so close!!
Katia found a dong lost on the road. The road we were on was windy, and cars were driving fast! She has more of a heart for animals than I so she was persistent that we rescue him and find him a place suitable to stay. Another driver led us to a nearby town where we could drop him off at a center. He was such a sweetheart!

Thanks for stopping by! Some of us may not be as fortunate to be able to get up and go whenever to wherever however. But may we see life as an adventure to be had and not a to-do list to check off. May the people in our lives be our partners on this adventure as well. Holding us accountable, trusting them to constructively criticise us when we stray off of the path of adventure.

Whatever you do, make sure you make it memorable.

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