Remember Why You Started

Would younger you be proud of who you’ve become today?


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Before we get into this post, I actually lost my credentials to this account! I forgot my email address because I thought it was linked to my school email which got deleted because I don’t attend anymore. I was in a long but helpful process with the WordPress staff so here we are! Without further adieu, Remember why you started!

If younger you met you now, would younger you be amazed at who you’ve become? Or would younger you be bored or disappointed? 

I say bored because, often times as adults, we don’t realize that what we talk about is actually really boring. And not to say that it takes work to entertain a kid, but if a young person can’t stand being around you, I’d consider that a problem. 

^maybe that was a little harsh. 

I ask this question to reverse engineer where we are now with the dreams we had before we got here- where you are at this exact moment- what you do, who you’ve become, your values, etc. 

With that being said, this quote comes to mind, “remember why you started.” 

I don’t think that we were created to be non-believers (I’m not talking religion, but it does apply…). We weren’t created to not be dreamers. 

We’ve all been planted with unique dreams that suits who we are as a human being. 

It’s our lifelong duty to pursue that dream. 

That’s purposeful.

If we may take a moment to ask ourselves why we started, would we be sad, disappointed, or upset at where we’ve ended up? 

Which, then, begs the question, would younger you be amazed or disappointed at who you’ve become? 

I ask this question because when I am in my classroom with 11 3 year olds running around, my mind takes me to the brink of my existence- It feels like time stands still, and I am able to have an outer body experience, and with this experience I ask myself, “Do I really get to do this for a living?”

I get to be a teacher. I get to go crazy with my crazy 3 year olds, and I also get to teach them life lessons. Forget ABC/s, or numbers. I get to instruct them on who they will become for the rest of their lives. To some, that’s terrifying… but to me, that’s exciting! That’s purposeful.

We only get one life. Don’t waste it pursuing things that don’t matter.

My coworkers even say it- I am the guy bouncing off of the walls, laughing, and smiling, and I don’t even drink coffee!

I get to annoy my female colleagues, and crack jokes! This is something I get to do!

This is just work, too! I haven’t mentioned all of the other activities in my personal life.

So, again, I ask, would younger you be proud of who you’ve become?

We only get one life. Don’t waste it pursuing things that don’t matter.

Make younger you proud of you. For when that happens, you will be happy. Younger you is you. Stay connected to the child who dreams. Don’t let the world and the things in it disconnect you from what brings you joy.

Author: HopefulWriter

A nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody

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