About the Writer

Before anything else, Greg is a man deeply loved by Jesus. This love is the fuel behind all that he does. In his writing, in his work, it is this love that motivates and propels him forward as he pursues being a certified educator, a certified personal trainer, and counselor.

Greg is deeply passionate about empowering and educating young children. Greg considers it his life’s work to teach one child at a time with the hope that education, not just knowledge is the tool that will allow children to become whole and full human beings.

Greg is enthusiastic about life. He enjoys learning new things and even more, learning from people from all walks of life. You can catch him listening to his favorite podcasts, reading books, talking with people, helping people, but most of all, listening to people’s stories.

Greg started the blog Joy in the mid(s)t of darkness to give his readers hope through his writing. Letting his readers know that whatever darkness they might be going through, that darkness will not last.

Let’s make something great!

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